What is connie fisher doing now

Connie Fisher is a British actress and singer, best known for winning the role of Maria in the West End revival of “The Sound of Music” through the reality TV show “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?”. Since then, she has had a successful career in both stage and television.

After her success in “The Sound of Music”, Connie went on to star in other musical theatre productions such as “They’re Playing Our Song” and “Wonderful Town”. She received critical acclaim for her performances and was praised for her powerful voice and natural stage presence.

Despite her success in the world of theatre, Connie has also ventured into the world of television. She appeared as a regular panelist on the game show “Loose Women” and made guest appearances on shows such as “Doctor Who” and “Holby City”. Her versatility as an actress has allowed her to explore a variety of roles and genres.

Currently, Connie is focusing on her solo music career and has released several albums, including “Secret Love” and “A Collection”. She continues to perform in concerts and live shows, captivating audiences with her beautiful voice and charismatic stage presence. In addition, Connie has also taken on the role of a vocal coach, sharing her expertise and passion for singing with aspiring artists.

Despite being away from the spotlight at times, Connie Fisher’s talent and passion for performing continue to shine through in her various projects. Fans eagerly await her next endeavor and look forward to seeing her on stage or screen once again.

What is Connie Fisher doing now?

Connie Fisher, the British actress and singer, rose to fame after winning the reality TV show “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” in 2006. She went on to perform the lead role of Maria von Trapp in the West End revival of “The Sound of Music” to critical acclaim.

After her success in “The Sound of Music,” Fisher continued to have a successful career in musical theater. She starred in various productions such as “They’re Playing Our Song,” “Calamity Jane,” and “Wonderful Town.” Her performances received positive reviews, and she became known for her powerful vocals and engaging stage presence.

Aside from her theater work, Fisher also made several appearances on television. She appeared on shows like “Holby City” and “The Bill” and even hosted her own TV specials. Her charming personality and talent endeared her to audiences across the UK.

Currently, Connie Fisher has taken a break from the spotlight to focus on her personal life. She has been raising a family and enjoying time away from the stage. While she may not be performing regularly, her fans continue to support her and eagerly await her return to the performing arts.

Latest updates and news

Latest updates and news

1. New Musical Project

Connie Fisher is currently working on a new musical project. While details are still under wraps, Fisher has teased that it will be a fresh and exciting venture for her. Fans of the star can expect to hear more updates about this project in the coming months.

2. Television Appearance

2. Television Appearance

Fisher will be making a guest appearance on a popular television show later this year. While the specific details have not been announced, it has been teased that Fisher’s role will be a departure from her previous work and will showcase her versatility as an actress.

3. Charity Work

3. Charity Work

As an advocate for various charitable causes, Fisher continues to be actively involved in giving back to the community. She recently participated in a fundraising event for a local children’s hospital, helping to raise awareness and funds for their important work.

4. Concert Tour

4. Concert Tour

Fisher is currently planning a concert tour, which will provide fans with an opportunity to see her perform live. The tour will feature a mix of her own songs, covers, and familiar favorites from her stage career. Dates and locations for the tour will be announced soon.

5. Acting Opportunities

In addition to her musical endeavors, Fisher is also exploring acting opportunities. She has expressed interest in taking on diverse roles in both film and theater, and her fans are eagerly awaiting news of her next acting project.

6. Personal Life

Fisher has been enjoying her personal life, spending time with family and friends. She has been documenting her adventures on social media, giving fans a glimpse into her downtime and personal interests.

7. Social Media Presence

Fisher remains active on social media, where she regularly interacts with fans and shares updates about her career. Fans can follow her on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date with her latest news and projects.

8. Collaborations

Fisher has hinted at potential collaborations with other artists in the future. While no specific details have been confirmed, fans can expect exciting musical partnerships that will showcase Fisher’s talent alongside other well-known performers.

9. Awards and Recognitions

9. Awards and Recognitions

Throughout her career, Fisher has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work in the entertainment industry. She continues to be celebrated for her talent and contribution to the arts, and fans can expect her to continue receiving accolades in the future.

10. Future Projects

While Fisher’s current projects are generating excitement, fans can also look forward to future endeavors. Fisher has expressed her desire to continue exploring new opportunities and pushing artistic boundaries, keeping her fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Connie Fisher’s Current Projects



Connie Fisher is an accomplished stage actress and continues to be involved in the theatre industry. Here are some of her current projects:

  • West End Shows: Fisher has been cast in various West End productions, showcasing her talent and love for the stage. She has recently appeared in productions such as “The Sound of Music” and “Wonderful Town.”
  • National Tours: Fisher has also embarked on national tours, bringing her performances to audiences across the country. She has toured with shows like “A Little Night Music” and “Calamity Jane.”


In addition to her successful theatre career, Connie Fisher has also made appearances on television. Here are some of her recent television projects:

  • Guest Appearances: Fisher has been invited as a guest on various talk shows and entertainment programs, where she has discussed her career and upcoming projects. This allows her to connect with a wider audience and showcase her talent beyond the stage.
  • Presenter Roles: Fisher has also taken on presenter roles for television programs and events. This allows her to showcase her versatility and engage with the viewers in a different capacity.

Charitable Work

Connie Fisher is known for her passion for charitable causes. Here are some of her current charitable endeavors:

  • Ambassador Roles: Fisher serves as an ambassador for various charities and organizations. She uses her platform to raise awareness and support for important causes, such as mental health, children’s charities, and medical research.
  • Fundraising Events: Fisher actively participates in fundraising events, including charity concerts and galas. Her performances contribute to raising funds for numerous charitable organizations.

Connie Fisher’s current projects reflect her continued dedication to the performing arts and her commitment to making a difference through charitable endeavors.

Exciting ventures and collaborations

Connie Fisher has been keeping busy with a range of exciting ventures and collaborations since her time in the spotlight.

Theatre performances

Fisher continues to dazzle audiences with her incredible vocal talent through various theatre performances. She has starred in productions such as “The Sound of Music” and “Into the Woods.” Fisher’s performances have received critical acclaim and she continues to be in demand as a leading lady on the stage.

Television appearances

In addition to her theatre work, Fisher has made several memorable appearances on television. She has been a guest on popular talk shows and variety programs, showcasing her charm and wit. Fisher has also taken part in reality TV shows, displaying her versatility and willingness to take on new challenges.

Recording projects

Recording projects

Fisher has also ventured into the world of recording, releasing albums of her beautiful singing voice. Her albums feature a mix of musical theatre classics and original songs, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist. Fans can enjoy her powerhouse vocals in the comfort of their own homes.

Charity work

Beyond her career endeavors, Fisher is also actively involved in charity work. She has supported various causes and organizations, using her platform to make a positive impact in the world. Fisher’s dedication to giving back is an admirable aspect of her career.

Collaborations with other artists

Fisher has collaborated with other artists from various disciplines, including musicians, actors, and directors. These collaborations have allowed her to explore new creative territories and expand her artistic horizons. Fisher’s willingness to collaborate demonstrates her openness to new ideas and her commitment to artistic growth.

Continued success

Overall, Connie Fisher’s post-“The Sound of Music” career has been filled with exciting ventures and collaborations. From her continued success on the stage to her television appearances and recording projects, Fisher has proven herself to be a multi-talented performer. Her involvement in charity work and collaborations with other artists further highlight her dedication to making a positive impact in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Connie Fisher’s future plans

Theatre and Acting

Connie Fisher has always had a passion for the theatre and acting. She made a name for herself by winning the reality TV show “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” and starring as Maria von Trapp in the West End production of “The Sound of Music”. Although she stepped away from the spotlight for a few years, she has recently expressed her desire to return to the stage.

Connie is currently working on several theatre projects and exploring various acting opportunities. She has expressed interest in taking on more challenging and diverse roles that allow her to showcase her talents and continue to grow as an actress.

Television and Film

In addition to her passion for the stage, Connie Fisher is also interested in pursuing opportunities in television and film. She has appeared in a few TV shows and films in the past, but is now actively seeking roles in this medium as well.

Connie has mentioned in interviews that she is drawn to projects that have compelling stories and strong characters. She is open to exploring different genres and styles, and is excited about the possibility of working with talented actors and directors in the television and film industry.

Charity Work

Charity Work

Aside from her acting pursuits, Connie Fisher is actively involved in charity work. She has supported various charitable organizations and causes over the years, and continues to use her platform to raise awareness and funds for important issues.

Connie is known for her dedication to humanitarian causes and has been involved in fundraising events and campaigns. She believes that giving back to the community is a crucial part of her life and plans to continue making a difference through her philanthropic efforts.

In conclusion, Connie Fisher’s future plans involve a combination of theatre and acting, television and film, and charity work. She is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and is determined to make a positive impact in the entertainment industry and beyond.

What is Connie Fisher doing now?

Connie Fisher is currently working as a television presenter and actress.

Is Connie Fisher still performing in the theater?

Yes, Connie Fisher is still active in the theater industry. She occasionally takes on roles in stage productions.

Has Connie Fisher released any new music recently?

No, Connie Fisher has not released any new music in recent years. She primarily focuses on her acting career.

What television shows has Connie Fisher appeared on?

Connie Fisher has appeared on several television shows, including “Casualty,” “The Bill,” and “Holby City.”

Is Connie Fisher married?

Yes, Connie Fisher is married to a theatre director named Jeremy Sams. They tied the knot in 2010.

What are some of Connie Fisher’s most notable stage roles?

Some of Connie Fisher’s most notable stage roles include Maria in “The Sound of Music” and Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”

Is Connie Fisher planning to release any new music in the future?

There is no information available about Connie Fisher’s plans to release new music in the future.

Has Connie Fisher received any awards for her performances?

Yes, Connie Fisher has received several awards for her performances, including the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her portrayal of Maria in “The Sound of Music.”

What is Connie Fisher doing now?

Connie Fisher is currently working as a voice-over artist and presenter on BBC Radio Wales.

What are the latest updates on Connie Fisher?

The latest updates on Connie Fisher include her successful career as a voice-over artist and presenter on BBC Radio Wales. She has also appeared in various theatre productions and continues to showcase her talents.

Is Connie Fisher still performing in musicals?

Yes, Connie Fisher is still involved in musical theatre. She has performed in various productions and continues to showcase her talents on stage.

Has Connie Fisher released any albums?

No, Connie Fisher has not released any albums. However, she has showcased her singing abilities in various musical theatre productions and concerts.

What other projects has Connie Fisher been involved in?

Aside from her work in musical theatre and radio, Connie Fisher has also appeared in television shows and presented award ceremonies.

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