Is madasafish part of plusnet

If you’re a customer of Madasafish, you may have wondered if the internet service provider is affiliated with Plusnet. Both companies have made a name for themselves in the realm of broadband and internet services, but are they the same entity?

The answer is yes! Madasafish is actually a trading name of Plusnet, which means that the two companies are closely linked. Plusnet acquired Madasafish in 2007 and has continued to operate it as a separate brand within its portfolio. This strategic move allowed Plusnet to expand its customer base and offer different service options to consumers.

So, what does this mean for you as a Madasafish customer? Well, you can rest assured that you are still receiving the same great service that you have come to expect from Madasafish. The only difference is that you are now part of the larger Plusnet family, which brings with it additional benefits and support.

With Plusnet backing Madasafish, you can take advantage of the wider range of services and packages that Plusnet has to offer. Whether you’re looking for high-speed broadband, reliable phone service, or even TV options, Plusnet has you covered. And as part of the Plusnet family, you’ll also have access to their award-winning customer support team who are on hand to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may have.

Is Madasafish Part of Plusnet?

Is Madasafish Part of Plusnet?

Many people wonder if Madasafish is part of Plusnet, as the two companies have a close relationship. The answer is yes, Madasafish is actually a subsidiary of Plusnet.

Plusnet is a well-known internet service provider in the United Kingdom, offering a range of broadband, phone, and TV services. Madasafish was originally an independent ISP, founded in 2000, but was acquired by Plusnet in 2007.

Since the acquisition, Madasafish has continued to operate as a separate brand, offering its own range of internet services to customers. However, behind the scenes, the infrastructure and support for Madasafish services are provided by Plusnet.

Being part of the Plusnet family has its advantages for Madasafish customers. They can benefit from Plusnet’s larger network and resources, which means improved coverage, faster speeds, and better customer support.

So while Madasafish and Plusnet are separate brands, they are closely linked as part of the same company. If you’re a Madasafish customer, you can enjoy the benefits of Plusnet’s expertise and infrastructure while still accessing the services you know and love from Madasafish.

Discover the Facts and Differences

Discover the Facts and Differences

While Madasafish and Plusnet are both internet service providers in the United Kingdom, there are several key differences between the two companies.



One of the primary differences between Madasafish and Plusnet is their ownership.

  • Madasafish is a well-established ISP that was initially founded in 1998 and was later acquired by Plusnet in 2007.
  • Plusnet, on the other hand, was founded in 1997 and is a subsidiary of BT Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the UK.

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Another difference lies in the range of service offerings provided by each company.

  • Madasafish primarily focuses on offering broadband services to residential customers. They provide various broadband plans with different speeds and usage allowances.
  • Plusnet, while also offering residential broadband services, has expanded its portfolio to include mobile, TV, and business services.


The pricing structures of Madasafish and Plusnet differ as well.

  • Madasafish tends to offer competitive prices for their broadband plans, with packages starting at affordable rates. They often have special offers and deals for new customers.
  • Plusnet also offers competitive pricing for their broadband plans, but their additional services such as mobile and TV may affect the overall cost.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect to consider when comparing ISPs.

  • Madasafish boasts excellent customer service with UK-based support available through phone and email. They strive to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
  • Plusnet is also known for its customer support, offering 24/7 technical assistance and a dedicated community forum where customers can find help and advice.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Lastly, the approach to traffic management varies between Madasafish and Plusnet.

  • Madasafish does not employ traffic management policies, allowing users unlimited access to the internet without any speed restrictions.
  • Plusnet, like many other ISPs, may implement traffic management during peak hours to ensure a smoother experience for all users.

In conclusion, Madasafish and Plusnet, though related through ownership, have distinct differences in terms of ownership, service offerings, pricing, customer support, and traffic management policies.

What is Madasafish?

Madasafish is an internet service provider in the United Kingdom.

Is Madasafish part of Plusnet?

Yes, Madasafish is now part of the Plusnet brand.

When did Plusnet acquire Madasafish?

Plusnet acquired Madasafish in 2007.

What changes occurred after Plusnet acquired Madasafish?

After the acquisition, Madasafish customers were migrated to the Plusnet network and service. They continued to receive the same level of service, but with the Plusnet brand.

Are there still separate Madasafish plans available?

No, Madasafish plans are no longer available. Customers were migrated to Plusnet plans.

Where can I find more information about Plusnet’s services?

You can visit the Plusnet website for more information about their internet services.

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